CIMA Recordings welcomes the vocal talents of DJ Inertia. "It started for me in the late 80's: The love of house music. It was so fresh, so new; unlike anything I ever heard. The beats, the synths and snares just took my mind to another level of musical consciousness. My search for this genre of music has taken me on journey of spinning, producing and collecting from the likes of the Classic Man himself, Wayne Gardiner".
House music has matured over the years to various elements such as soulful, deep, progressive, and even into the mainstream. But I wonder: How did you feel, back in the day, when you first heard and felt the power of house music? And do you still feel the same way today? Come back with me on my journey and "Remember When""…

DJ ​Inertia is in the studio under the production of Wayne Gardiner with CIMA Recordings and with remixes by DJ Tony V and Slam Mode, this jam caters to all audiences alike and is sure to rock parties world wide!​

RELEASE # CIMA025: "REMEMBER WHEN"                                                                             
​All music written & produced by: Wayne Gardiner
Remixes By: DJ Tony V. and Slam Mode (Michael Cole & Angel Rodriguez)
Lyrics written & performed by: DJ Inertia (Fred Sprott)

Recorded, Mixed, Edited and Mastered by Wayne Gardiner at Close Cut Studios - West Orange, NJ USA

Remember When - Wayne Gardiner Main Vox  

​​Remember When - Wayne Gardiner Main Instr.  

​​Remember When - Wayne Gardiner Main Celestial Dub   

​​Remember When - DJ Tony V's Deep Jackin Vox  

​​Remember When - DJ Tony V's Deep Jackin Instr.  

​​Remember When - Slam Mode Dub  

​​Remember When - Slam Mode Beatz
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